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"The Standard Process Purification Program is a 21-day program that eliminates toxins and helps you lose weight. Most patients also feel increased energy, better digestion, clearer skin, better sleep, sharper thinking, and lass bloating. Watch the movie and learn more!"*
-Juliana Mazzeo, MS, CDN, Director
Nutrition Wellness Center of Nassau County
Patient Testimonial

"I had heard about the Standard Process Purification Detox from a friend Who had amazing results, so I called the Nutrition Wellness Center to start the detox program for myself. It's not easy, but nothing worth its weight in gold is.

It's just astounding to learn how many toxins we absorb from the food and environment around us. I highly recommend the Nutrition Wellness Center and the Standard Process Purification Program."*

-Joan L.
Mineola, NY

Start the Best 21-Day Detox Program in Valley Stream Nassau County NY 11581

The Standard Process Purification Programs is a 21-day detox and cleanse, with options to expand into a diet program. At the Nutrition Wellness Center, we generally prescribe the detox and cleanse version of the program, and create a natural weight loss plan, customized to the exact chemical and functional needs of your body.

Most people are unaware just how many toxins our bodies absorb in the normal course of a day. The types of food we eat has a lot to do with that, but so do environmental conditions, especially those we breathe in. Environmental toxin can include, and not be limited to pollen, pesticides, mold, pollutants, contaminated water, motor vehicle fumes, household cleaning products, smoke, and much more.

Toxins we take in from food is just as eye-opening. Non-organic food is treated with pesticides, food preservatives, growth hormones, canned food and beverage linings, deli meats, processed food, artificial food coloring and dyes, dioxins, and genetically modified organisms, just to name a few. Some toxins, like trans fats, never leave your body.

These toxins cause your tissue and organ function to misfire and perform at "below standards." Long-term organ malfunction leads to severe and chronic health conditions, including shortness of life. Diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Disease, Digestive Disorders, and Auto Immune Deficiency can all have their root causes stem from long-term exposure to toxins. There is an overwhelming need to do what you can to remove toxins from your body and cleanse yourself. Once you go through a 21-day detox, you'll also have a new appreciation for what you put in your body going forward.

Detoxification Treatment

Standard Process Purification Detox the Best 21-Day Detox Program - Nutrition Wellness Center
The Nutrition Wellness Center prefers the Standard Process Purification Program for detox and cleanse programs. Standard Process is the world's first and largest whole food supplement manufacturer, and most of their products are sourced at their own certified organic farm. As mentioned, a weight loss option can be added to the detox program, but we prefer to address weight loss after your recovery.

We also offer Nutrition Response Testing to test and identify if your body has any long-term organ damage from exposure to toxins. A detox program will remove the current toxins in your body. The Nutrition Response Testing program allows us the opportunity to restore malfunctioning organs to optimum health with diet modifications and potentially whole food supplements.
We hope you take the opportunity to watch the video at the top of the page. It is quite educational and provides more information on why you should detox. Fifty years ago, almost everyone smoked. Today, not near as many of the population smokes. The years of education and public awareness have changed our lifestyle in regards to smoking. We believe fifty years from now exposure to toxins will be like anti-smoking is today. Case studies supporting the value of the Standard Process Purification Program:
Contact Us for a Free Standard Process Detox Consultation

Contact Us for a Free Standard Process Detox Consultation

The 21-day Standard Detox Program is not easy to do, and especially if you're not currently living a healthy lifestyle. This is why it is a good idea to contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you improve your health and well-being by leveraging our expertise and experience. Patients who have completed the program feel like they:
  • Increased their energy and vitality
  • Are less tired and fatigued
  • Are digesting food better
  • Noticed a decline in bloating
  • Have lost weight
  • Have clearer skin
  • They are thinking more sharply and clearly
The Standard Process Purification Program is not available in stores, but it is available at the Nutrition Wellness Center. Please contact us today!

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