Healing Beyond The Diagnosis Volume 4

Featuring Co-Author Juliana Mazzeo

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Nutritionist & Dietitian Services
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Natural Weight Loss

Customized for how your body naturally loses weight.

Treatments for Severe & Chronic Illness

NRT tests help determine an individual's overall state of health

Supplements from Whole Foods

Nutritional supplements can play a fundamental role in your recovery.

"Chances are, you are here to make a life change to improve your long-term health. You've come to the right place!

We've helped thousands of people lose weight, and overcome severe and chronic illness with customized diets that gradually support your lifestyle, and help you achieve the nutrition goals that brought you here! "

-Juliana Mazzeo, MS, CDN, Director
Nutrition Wellness Center of Nassau County

Personalized Care Based on Your Current Health and Your Long-Term Goals

Juliana Radio Show WOR Radio 710
Juliana is a frequent radio guest expert on nutrition.

Juliana Mazzeo, Director of the Nutrition Wellness Center, didn't become a top Nutritionist in Nassau County overnight. It's her personal commitment and care for your long-term health that separates her from other nutritionists and dietitians. Making a life change to lose weight or overcome severe and chronic illness isn't going to be easy. Instead of simply giving you a diet plan to follow, we spend a lot of time understanding who you, the goals you want to achieve, and creating a realistic plan to help you lose weight and overcome severe and chronic illness.

It's easier to win at lotto than to make a long-term weight loss or nutritional lifestyle change. Our programs are customized for your current lifestyle and gradually modified, with the ongoing support of our dietary experts, to assist you implementing and achieving these important nutritional goals.

Nutrition Response Testing®

Nutrtion Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a noninvasive series of "muscle tests," that help determine how your body is reacting to the food you eat. Nutrition Response Testing is a holistic procedure that helps identify imbalances that can lead to severe and chronic illness, and create a custom solution that naturally heals the body with diet and supplement modification. It's quite an amazing technique with a long track record of success.

For example, let's say you're gluten intolerant, and you don't know it. Your body can react to this intolerance with symptoms such as joint pain, phases of depression, headaches, rashes, acid reflux, digestive disorders, and plenty more. You wouldn't be likely to associate these symptoms, which can become severe, are related to the food you are eating.

Nutrition Response Testing allows us to not only identify these hidden imbalances but helps us create a custom dietary solution to help you feel better and achieve your long-term health and well-being goals.

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We sincerely believe we can help you lose weight naturally or overcome severe and chronic health illnesses with our personal attention to your needs, and our custom nutrition and dietary solutions.

Of course, every "body" is different, and everyone has a different sense of urgency in what they want to do, and when they want to do it by. This is why we offer a free consultation where we can learn a little more about you, and you can learn a little more about us.

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