Diabetic Diets by Top Nutritionist & Dietitian

"Managing diabetes is not a task to be taken lightly. Everything you eat has a short term and long term effect on your current blood sugars and your A1C. Learning what to eat is critical for your health and well-being, and the Nutrition Wellness Center is a tremendous asset you can count on to help you manage your diabetes."*

-Juliana Mazzeo, MS, CDN, Director
Nutrition Wellness Center of Nassau County

Diet for Diabetes in Valley Stream Nassau County NY 11581

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects how your body processes glucose (sugar), which come from carbohydrates and alcohol. The human body uses carbs to send energy to the cells that make up tissues, muscles as well as fuel for your brain. Having diabetes means your body isn't capable of properly maintaining the level of sugars in your blood, resulting in abnormally high blood sugars. Having too much glucose in the blood significantly shortens life spans, and leads to other severe medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

In a normal functioning body, insulin is produced to make automatic adjustments to the level of glucose in the blood. Diabetics will not be able to produce enough insulin to support this need, or the insulin they produce doesn't get absorbed by the body. In many cases, both instances can apply. Understanding and adhering to proper diabetic diets is critical to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. There is no cheating! Overdue your carb intake at any given meal and you have just put a tremendous strain on the function of the major organs in your body.

Most newly diagnosed diabetics automatically think "no carbs" is the best to manage their diabetes. That couldn't be further from the truth. Your body does need carbohydrates to send energy to the cells in your tissue, muscles, and brain. Think of it this way: Say you're going to the movies one night, and you have no gas in your car. Properly managing your diabetes would be like calculating exactly how much gas you need to drive to the movies and get back home, with as little left over as possible.

Common Symptoms of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)

  • You're thirsty. The only way you get sugar out if your body is by urination. Feeling thirsty is your body's way of saying hydrate me!
  • Reoccurring headaches
  • Lethargic or Trouble Concentrating
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Blurred Vision
  • Chronic Constipation or Diarrhea

Diabetic meal planning is not an easy skill because every "body" is different, and the intensity of everyone's diabetes is also equally unique. A meal plan from a book would be better than no meal plan at all, but a diabetic meal plan created for your body would be the gift you could give yourself.

Treating Diabetes with Science and Diabetic Meal Planning

Julianna Mazzeo Treating Diabetes with Science and Diabetic Meal Planning

Before we start creating any diabetic diets, we have to understand the body we are creating the meal plan for, and this is where the Nutritional Wellness Center can help you tremendously. We treat your body with a holistic (meaning the body as a whole) and scientific agenda, based on the latest information available, and our vast experience.

Your new diabetic diet meal plan will be created by one of Nassau County's top Certified Nutritionists and Dieticians with over 15 years of practical and medical experience in the field of Endocrinology, Juliana Mazzeo, M.S. CDN. Once you meet her, you'll immediately sense her angelic soul and her passion for making you as healthy as possible.

As mentioned, the immediate goal is to determine the exact condition of your present health. The Nutrition Wellness Center has numerous modalities to help us do just that:

  • Reviewing your latest lab tests if you have them
  • Testing you A1C, a test that tells us your average blood sugar level over an extended period of time
  • Nutrition Response Testing to determine if you have any chemical imbalances as they pertain to food
  • Natural Weight Loss Programs
  • Supplements Created from Whole Foods
  • Customized Diabetic Diet Meal Plans
  • Food Shopping and Food Preparation Support
  • Understanding Nutritional Labels
  • Ongoing Phone Support

While the most important task at hand is to get you healthy, we also realize that this a significant lifestyle change for you, and all lifestyle changes require patients and understanding. Around 90% of all newly diagnosed diabetics fail to embrace properly the changes needed to live a healthy life. But they didn't go to the Nutrition Wellness Center to help them through it. Yes, it's hard, but it has to be done. There is no room for anything less than what your body needs to function properly.

Contact Us for Managing Your Blood Sugars

Untreated, uncontrolled diabetes leads to a much shorter lifespan, cardiovascular disease, stroke, nerve damage, blindness, amputations, and more. Imagine high blood sugars as syrup pumping through your veins instead of blood. How do you make syrup? You keep adding sugar until you get to your desired thickness. In your case, we want to improve circulation and avoid excessive sugars.

We can help you learn how to prevent high blood sugars and be there with every step of the way as you make your new lifestyle change. We have the knowledge, compassion, and experience to make you one of the few diabetics that embraced a healthy lifestyle change. Not only are you more likely to live longer, but you will also look better too, as maintaining a healthy weight comes with being diabetic.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation so that we can meet each other, answer any questions you may have, and see if the Nutrition Wellness Center is the best choice for you to make. One final thought, unlike other diseases, diabetes allows you the opportunity to control your own destiny, and that first step starts by contacting us.

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