"I couldn't be happier I came here."

"Like everything else in the world, food is becoming so complicated. As I get older, I've become more concerned about my diet, and I find the limited availability of reliable information an annoyance.

I came to the Nutrition Wellness Center to see if they could help with a long-term issue of yeast infections. When I learned how my diet was causing this, I was shocked. Anyone can benefit from a visit to the Nutritional Wellness Center, even if you think you're a 100% healthy.

The personal attention is great, the diet planning is outstanding, and the supplements they use are like eating tons of vegetables in pill form. I couldn't be happier I came here."*

Margret M.
Wantagh, NY
"I've lost 17 pounds in my first month"

"I knew I wanted to finally commit to a weight loss program that worked, so I chose the Nutrition Wellness Center. I loved their holistic approach towards losing weight, and their personal attention kept me going on the tough days. I've lost 17 pounds in my first month, thank you!"*

Janice D.
Long Beach, NY
"splendid job as a nutritionist"

I am writing this letter to tell you about my experience with Medical Nutritionist, Juliana Mazzeo.  I made an appointment with Ms. Mazzeo because I had several health issues that I was struggling with.  I had chronic headaches, and severe fatigue, I could hardly keep up with my house chores.  I always needed to rest.  My bloods were less than perfect according to my doctor because he said I had high triglycerides and high cholesterol.  During our first appointment we went over all the foods that I was eating throughout the day.  I was eating so many foods that were not appropriate for me, even though mainstream “health experts” tout these as   “health foods”.  In addition I was given nutritional supplements customized just for me.  By my one month follow up, my headaches were virtually gone, I can’t tell you how good that felt.  I had more energy and didn’t feel weak.  I was not experiencing what Ms. Mazzeo called “low blood sugar” symptoms from all the carbohydrates I was eating all day long.

In addition because my blood calcium levels were high on several bloods tests, my doctor suggested we “wait and see”.  Instead, Ms. Mazzeo insisted I get a parathyroid blood test, along with a thorough check- up of my thyroid gland and parathyroids, and a sonogram of both.  These tests started a chain of events with the result that I had a tumor on my thyroid and an adenoma on my parathyroid which were subsequently treated.  If it were not for Ms. Mazzeo’s recommendations, these growths may not have been picked up and taken care of.  I am so grateful and glad I followed her recommendations.

In addition, I also recommend my daughter to see Ms. Mazzeo, as she was also suffering from debilitating migraines for years and she was on several migraine medications at full doses and nothing was helping her. She has kids and she often feels so incapacitated from these headaches it makes it difficult to take care of them.  Ms. Mazzeo, cleaned up her diet, removed offending foods, gave her specific nutrients and 1 week later her headaches were gone.

This is simply amazing that my daughter who was on heavy duty prescription drugs and getting no relief at all from them.  She was so shocked that diet could have anything to do with her headaches or how she felt. She is now a believer and so am I. Juliana Mazzeo is a very caring and skilled health care practitioner who does a splendid job as a nutritionist par excellence.*

Susan S.
"I am so grateful to have had Juliana’s expertise"

My family has known Juliana Mazzeo since she started her practice in 1998.  As a matter of fact, my mother in law who was then diagnosed with diabetes was one of her first patients.  As of this day, June 2011, my mother in law is still on Juliana’s eating plan and is still taking her supplements.  As a matter of fact, Juliana lives close to my mother in law and she actually drops the supplements off herself.  My mother in law’s blood sugar is very well stabilized.

In addition, Juliana also helped my husband several years ago.  My husband was under severe stress; he was eating poorly and just not taking care of himself.  He started gaining weight, not enough to be overweight, but enough for his blood pressure to increase to the point that his doctor put him on blood pressure medication.  We automatically thought of Juliana to help us out once again.  My husband went to see her; he was given an “eating plan” just for him, which he found quite easy to follow.  She also gave him Standard Process supplements to reduce his stress and to support cardiovascular function.  Three months later, his blood pressure was well under control and getting too low from the medication, that his doctor weaned him off altogether.  My husband was thrilled as he does not like to take medications.  Till this day he continues on the plan, and he is still taking supplements to support his cardiovascular system.  Yes he still slips up here and there, he is human, but he always ends up getting back on the program.

And now for my testimonial, which is entirely different, but also very relevant. I have suffered from severe night cramping in my legs for some time, so painful that I would scream in the middle of the evening and wake up my husband.  My husband suggested I call Juliana to see if she could recommend any supplement to help me.  Juliana recommended a particular protocol and dosage to take.  Now being that I am not very compliant with taking pills regardless of whether they are drugs or supplements, I only took a third of the dose.  Well, my cramping severely diminished and the night screams stopped.  Juliana called me a few weeks later to follow-up with me, and I told her what I was doing.  She told me to go on the full dose which I did, and the cramping has stopped altogether.  I am so grateful to have had Juliana’s expertise in our family all these years.*

Anna M
Lynbrook NY
"I went from 157 to 139 lbs in 6 weeks."

I have to share with you how happy I am with my natural weight loss! The plan using HA2CG has been so successful, I’m giddy!! I am 82 years old and live in Florida most of the year.  Last year when I returned to NY and saw with my own eyes how much weight my daughters and their husbands lost I was amazed.  We’ve all been on diets before but this weight loss stayed off for them. They are all in their 50’s and lost over 30 lbs each!

After meeting with you, starting the diet (double calorie intake from their plan) and taking the HA2CG drops, I just watched the scale get lower and lower each day.  It was really effective.  The best way to describe it is a CLEAN SIMPLE food plan. When I returned to Florida my friends couldn’t believe the improvement! I went from 157 to 139lbs in 6 weeks. The best part?  It’s still off with very little conscience effort.  And I am  thrilled that I am off my stomach medicine which I no longer need as the symptoms have all disappeared by the weight loss and by cleaning up my diet. Thank you for your guidance!*

Rose P.
Merrick NY
"I lost 8 lbs in my first three days."

Sometimes dreams really do come true!  My name is Rochelle and I've been dreaming about losing 20 pounds for the past year to no avail.  All diets worked well for the first few days but deteriorated by week's end.  Out of desperation and after hearing about a friend's success on the hA2cg [HCG] diet, I decided to contact Juliana.  Our conversation led me to believe that the program had promise so I made an appointment for me and my daughter.  We met with Juliana and decided to give the HA2CG Program a chance, though, to be perfectly honest, we were reluctant.  Consumption of just 500 calories a day seemed too restrictive and we didn't feel confident that we'd be able to stay with the program.  Nonetheless, we decided to do the program, purchased the products and opted to make a concerted effort to follow the plan exactly as prescribed.  The first two days were tough.

Between the seeming hassle of measuring and drinking the detox and the very limited amount of food, things looked bleak.  However, by the morning of the third day, the scale showed a significant loss of weight.  Suddenly, measuring and drinking the water with the detox drops became routine, and food choices were not as difficult as one would imagine.  Both my daughter and I were excited and motivated.  That night neither of us felt as hungry as we had been the previous day.  The next morning, after just three days of dieting, I was down 8 pounds and my daughter was down 7 pounds.  Needless to say, we were on our way to a healthier and happier persona.  We completed the program with no difficulty whatsoever.  The weight dropped and, even more impressive, was the fact that a significant number of inches melted away.  The fat loss was amazing in such a short period of time.  By the end of the calorie restricted phase of the program, I lost 21 pounds and my daughter lost 19.  We have now finished the maintenance phase of the program.  The "hope" during that phase is to maintain the weight loss.  Instead, we are continuing to drop pounds; not quite as quickly as we did on the 500 calories per day but at a rate of two to three pounds per week.

Juliana has helped us to achieve our goals.  The program sounds difficult but, in reality, is quite simple and easy after the first couple of days.  If you take the first step, and follow the directions exactly as given by Juliana, you too will find the results to be beyond expectation.  Juliana is always available for encouragement and support.  We intend to continue our communications with Juliana to ensure that we maintain our weight loss in a safe and healthful manner.*

Oceanside NY
"I lost 20 lbs on the 40-day program"

I am 19 years old and I have been struggling with my weight issue for about 5 years.  However, last year during my freshman year of college I gained a traditional freshman 15, which really put my weight at an all- time high. I have tried weight watchers, isagenix, and have always had a very hard time taking weight off. The excess weight/fat was evenly distributed EVERYWHERE!!!!  I am a little lazy. I have started exercising about 4-5 times a week because I am determined to keep the weight off.  The exercise made no dent.

The hA2cg Diet Program helped with reducing fat in the problem areas. I still have some fat on my belly, but it took away the cellulite on my thighs.  At first it was challenging because I wasn’t loosing the weight as quickly as I wanted, even though I actually dropped ½ lb per day in 40 days.  The program became much easier as the weight started coming off.  It was definitely doable because I really did not have an appetite and as I started to see the difference I was more and more motivated. I was planning on doing the 23 day program but still wanted to drop more weight so I stayed on it for 40 days because at this point it was so easy for me.

I felt great. I wasn’t hungry or moody and had a lot of energy, where as on other diets I walked around hungry, cranky, crabby and had no energy. I reduced my weight all over.  I lost 20 pounds on the 40-day program and reduced my body fat. I was very satisfied with the support I received. Whenever I had any questions I was able to call and they were always answered in a timely fashion. I would definitely recommend this program to others!*

Melissa L.
Nassau County
"I dropped 20 pounds in a very short period of time."

I am a 54-year-old female and have been struggling with my weight since menopause 11 years ago. I have gained 18-25 pounds about 4-5 times over the course of these 11 years. I have tried several different diet programs (LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers/No starch) with success for only a short period of time. I was able to lose the weight dieting, but gained it all back very quickly upon completion of the diets. It was extremely difficult to maintain my goal weight and it took a very long time to lose it.

After using the HA2CG program, I dropped 20 pounds in a very short period of time. I have been successful in keeping it off while continuing to take the Hormone Combination, Professional Weight Support and Appetite Control drops. I did find the diet challenging with the preparation of weighing and limiting food choices, but it was only for 24 days (a lot shorter than most diet plans require) ending up with great results. Juliana suggested I take the Hormone Combination drops during and after the diet which helped tremendously with faster weight loss, state of mind and mood swings. I felt the best physically, mentally and emotionally than I have ever felt while dieting. I was so motivated to stay focused on what I was supposed to do because of seeing the pounds vanish each and every day when I stepped on the scale!

Juliana was always available for any questions and continues to be a great support in helping me maintain a comfortable weight. Her personal interest and extensive knowledge of the program as well as general nutrition information makes me confident to recommend her as a medical nutritionist and to recommend this HA2CG diet program under her supervision to anyone interested in losing weight in a safe, fast and effective manner.*

Rockville Centre
"I dropped a total of 10 lbs. and several inches"

I am a female in my mid-50s.  I am thin all over, legs, arms etc., except my middle.  I am the owner of a gym in the city and have been working out for years with trainers and on my own.  You name it I did it.  Pilates, weights, cardio, kickboxing, spin etc.  No matter what I did I could not get rid of the fat around my middle. I had no waist, just very thick around the middle.  I was already on a Spartan diet as I have been watching my weight my entire life.  Nothing worked.  Juliana Mazzeo came highly recommended from a friend who was very successful with the HA2CG Diet.  I thought the diet sounded restrictive but then again I looked at what I was eating and getting zero results and immediately contacted Juliana.

Since I did not have much weight to lose, Juliana recommended the 1000 calorie protocol instead of the 500 calorie HA2CG protocol.  The program was for 26 days altogether and 6 weeks of Maintenance and Stabilization.  I dropped a total of 10 lbs. and several inches on my middle. My arms and legs stayed the same, which was a relief.  Every other diet I tried I would lose weight in my face, arms, legs and butt and I did not have much there to begin with.  This diet spared any weight loss on my face and other areas and the excess fat came off my middle.  I also did not lose and muscle mass and in fact according to my Body Composition Analysis, my muscle mass increased and that was with zero exercising, as exercise is not allowed for the entire program.  I now have the waist I haven’t had in years.  I am thrilled as I have so many beautiful clothes that I can finally wear and enjoy.

The program was easy, and very doable.  I was not uncomfortable, nor was I hungry or cranky on the diet.  The HA2CG diet addresses all those negative aspects of dieting and I came through with flying colors. Thank you Juliana for your guidance and expertise.  I could not have done this without you.*

"I lost 17 lbs."

My clothes fit much differently. It is so gratifying when I try on a pair of pants that I had before the weight issues and find they are too loose – yes loose.  That is from the loss of inches from the ha2cg diet. I lost 17 lbs/1 inch in the bust, 1 ½ inch in the waist and 1 inch in the hips.  After the program and under the continued care of the Nutrition Wellness Center, I lost additional inches: another 2 ½ inches in the bust, 2 ½ inches in the waist, and 2 ½ inches in the hips. The Nutrition Wellness Center worked with me through the 40 days. I am continuing my treatment with them to support my success from the diet with controlling my IBS-C and working to balance my overall well-being. I highly recommend the ha2cg diet.  I had great success with it and preferred it over the HCG injections.*

Tina B.
Glen Cove NY