The Nutrition Wellness Center does not carry the hormone HCG.  HCG is by prescription only and can only be obtained by a trained medical doctor. We use a HORMONE-FREE, dietary supplement that combined with a low calorie diet, works similarly to achieve weight loss, safely and effectively.

"The HA2cg Diet was created in the 1950s by Dr. A.T.W Simeons, and has a long track record of success. At the Nutrition Wellness Wellness Center, we combine this diet with proven nutritional diet plans, Nutrition Response Testing, and whole food supplements to create a customized and natural weight loss plan designed for your body, and to achieve your weight loss goals."*

-Juliana Mazzeo, MS, CDN, Director
Nutrition Wellness Center of Nassau County

hA2cg Diet Plan in Valley Stream Nassau County NY 11581

What is the hA2cg Diet?

Developed in the 1950's by Dr. ATW Simeons, the hA2cg diet combines a low-calorie diet plan and utilizes natural hormones in the body to trigger the release of stored fat. Dr. Simeons discovered that pregnant women naturally produce a hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which causes their body to draw caloric energy from stored fat. His weight loss plan is based on targeting this hormone in non-pregnant women, and men, for the purpose of achieving realistic weight loss by burning stored fat.

The results are rapid, safe, and effective weight loss for people who have long struggled to maintain or lose weight.

Low-Calorie Diet Plan Protocol

Targeting the utilization of this hormone isn't enough. It must be combined with a strategic low-calorie diet for it to work efficiently. Now you may be thinking: "I'm going to lose weight on any low-calorie diet," and you would be correct, provided you can stick to it, and not be discouraged by the amount of time it takes to see results. This scientifically designed meal plan for this diet supports the function of the hormone release that burns stored fat.

Once you get started, it can all happen very quickly. In fact, it is not unusual to see daily weight loss results! People successful on the hA2cg diet experienced:

  • Natural Fat Burning
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Suppressed Appetites
  • Daily Results

hA2cg Diet Treatments at the Nutrition Wellness Center

woman loses weight with hA2cg Diet Treatments

Taking hA2cg isn't a "fix all" solution for weight loss. The Nutrition Wellness Center provides you with numerous options that have a proven history of success with losing weight. These options are all based on your current health and your realistic goals to lose weight.

  • hA2cg Treatments
  • Low-Calorie Diet Plan, Meal Planning, and Proper Food Shopping
  • Nutrition Response Testing to identify toxins and chemical imbalances
  • Advanced Dietetic Meal Planning
  • Purification Detox
  • Whole Food Supplements
  • Ongoing Support

The Nutrition Wellness Center takes a holistic (to treat the body as a whole) approach for natural and safe weight loss. Many people recognize the desire to look their best, and that is always the number one reason people start a diet. Proper weight management has proven to be beneficial in preventing or minimizing diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and much more. It's not just about looking "healthy," it's about being healthy on the inside too.

If you diced the option of hA2cg is best for you, it is taken in the form of drops and are provided by a Certified Nutritionist and Dietician. The other form (HCG) is taken by injection, which requires a medical doctor, and a doctor's visit. The injection is not offered at the Nutrition Wellness Center.

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You're here because you want to lose weight, and that's great. It's one of our specialties, but we don't cater to fad diets and false promises. We want you to succeed, and we'll help you create a plan that achieves that specific goal.

We'll learn about your body and your current overall health and well-being. Then we'll work together to choose the options that provide the maximum benefit at the best economical value for your needs. We've been doing this a long time, and we're quite good at taking "after" pictures of healthy, skinny patients with smiles from ear to ear. But before we do that, you have to contact us for a free consultation. It's a great way for you hear, first hand, how we can help you be the size, and the weight you want to be.

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