DNA Genetic Testing

-Juliana Mazzeo, MS, CDN, Director
Nutrition Wellness Center of Nassau County

DNA Genetic Testing provides POWERFUL, ACTIONABLE insights for responsible clinical nutritional support for health, longevity and possible disease prevention.

With Genetic Testing:  Your health plans as personalized to you as your genetic makeup.

With this information, we can support all of the body’s systems with targeted nutritional approaches.  As even the best diet is not capable of providing nutrients i.e. vitamins and minerals at the levels needed to overcome/modify genetic issues.

Our DNA Testing includes Genetic Testing for:

  • Detox Genetics
  • Brain Genetics
  • Immune Genetics
  • Performance Genetics
  • Cardio Genetics
  • Nutritional Genetics
  • Metabolic Genetics
  • DNA Genetics

Security of your DNA is our priority

Our DNA tests are stored on a HIPPA Server using a bar code, not a name. This information is only available to the practitioner.  Your information is safe.  It will never be sold.  Unlike many other DNA testing companies who routinely sell your information to various companies like Google who can use your information for evil reasons, such as providing your information to insurance companies which can then deny you coverage, or can be sold to pharmaceutical companies which can develop therapies with your DNA with no compensation to you.